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Goodwood Sports Club hosts many inhouse leagues. We have social and provincial league teams.

The Goodwood Snooker started in 1966.  There are 4 snooker tables.  3 for social members and 1 for league members.  At present there are 50 members.  2 Premier league plus 2 A league sides.

Past and present Springboks/Protea Players
Schalk Mouton, Bill Smith, Greg Wadeley, Pierre Jordaan, Ricky Tregonning, Johhny Sideratos

Goodwood Snooker Club has won more Premier League titles than any other Club in the Western Province.


In 2011 Goodwood Badminton Club, celebrated its 55th Birthday.This club has been a good standing member of the Western Province Badminton Association for all these years. It was regarded as one of the Top Clubs in the Western Province, because of its strength in size (number of teams), its quality of players and mostly because of its Facilities. This Club was regarded as the most sociable Club in the Western Province and the facilities had lots to do with that. There are three courts hosted in the Main Hall, with well maintained wooden floors, clean kitchen and toilet facilities. For refreshments during and after the matches the guess/opponents make use of the bar facilities. The bar facilities are quite popular after the games, as this is the place where the results are discussed and reasons for losses are given and sorrows are drowned.

The League season at Western Province Badminton Association runs from March through to October on a Tuesday and a Thursday, but here at Goodwood Badminton Club the badminton continues through out the whole year. During the “off” season badminton have loads of programs running where the Game is used for entertainment (fun events), learning (coaching new players),skills training (coaching the coaches) and for the passionate competing amongst themselves.
For people wanting to know more about Badminton at Goodwood and how they can become involved with the Game, or how they can use the Game to up lift their lives, please contact:

Richard Buckley: 0732388409:
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